A few months before my wedding I realized I had been focusing on everything but my health, and wasn’t looking or feeling my best.  I turned to Anya for help and she gave me the perfect level of guidance and support to help me change my game.  By providing a simple food philosophy, a very easy-to-understand overview of the science behind her philosophy, and several easy to follow tips & recipes, Anya helped me lose 10 pounds in 3 months.  More importantly, I felt better than I had in ages and still use what I learned today.

– Heather


I wasn’t at all confident I could do it.  I was determined, but I needed a health coach to guide me carefully through the complex and often frustrating journey of losing weight.  As anyone knows who has finally made the decision to get healthy and shed unnecessary pounds, you want results immediately!  Right then!  Of course, this is impossible. The decision is the first step in the journey.  I know that without Anya’s guidance, support, knowledge and expertise as a holistic health coach, I would never have made it to the place I am at now, 25 pounds later.  And only 10 pounds to go to reach my goal!  The most extraordinary part of the process has been that I am not at all dieting!  I don’t feel deprived in any way.  I am simply eating all the right foods, exercising in ways that are most beneficial for my body and my health, and even looking at other parts of my life as well because Anya has taught me that staying nourished is more than just tending to the body.  It’s tending to yourself in all ways and in how you live your life.  Anya’s holistic approach covers all the bases — your body, your spirit, your life.

Anya emphasizes the positive and not the negative.  Every session begins with finding what was positive in your week.  What do you feel proud of?  Your frustrations are talked about as well, of course, but forward movement occurs because you begin to become aware and focus on all the positive steps.  And if you can’t see them, Anya helps reveal them to you. 

I have Anya to thank for her encouragement and guidance and wisdom throughout and for holding my hand through the process of accepting my weight, who I was, and who I could become.  It was a breakthrough that has changed my life.

– Cathy