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Hey everyone! It was quite a few weeks ago, but I recently posted a long Snapchat story highlighting everything that was in my fridge. I promised everyone I would post a recap of everything I talked about on the blog and although it’s been a while, I am happy to finally share it with everyone!

Without further ado, here is a snapchat of What’s In My Fridge on any given day!


Primal Kitchen Foods Mayo: My cabinet and fridge are always stocked with Primal Kitchen Foods Mayo. I always make sure to have both the Chipotle and Regular mayo on hand and use them in a ton of recipes. Homemade mayo is great, but I always mess it up and it takes forever. PKF to the rescue!

Primal Kitchen Foods Salad Dressings: Just like their mayos, I am never without Primal Kitchen Foods Dressings. I use their Greek Dressing and the Honey Mustard on a regular basis.

BBQ Sauce: My husband and I are huge BBQ fans, so much so that we had BBQ at our wedding! Rufus Teague recently sent me a case of their awesome BBQ sauces and we are still working through them. We use them when we make my Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork with all the fixins! My favorite flavor is Touch O’ Heat.

Coconut Aminos: This is another condiment I always make sure to have on hand. I use Coconut Aminos as a substitute for soy sauce and it is a key ingredient in these Tuna Poke Avocado Boats.

Tessemae’s: My fridge often has a selection of Tessemae’s products – both their condiments and salad dressings/marinades. Their Southwest Dressing and Buffalo Sauce are two of my faves.

Nut Butter: I don’t eat a ton of nut butter, but I usually have some freshly made Almond Butter from Whole Foods which I mostly use for smoothies.

Thai Curry Paste: Chicken curry dishes are a common dinner item in our house and I will be posting a recipe for our favorite dish soon! We always have either green or red Thai Kitchen curry paste on hand for simple but delicious dinners!


Raw Meats: Whether it’s from US Wellness Meats or Whole Foods, you will often find a variety of different grass-fed and organic meats in my fridge from chicken breasts to ground beef to lamb, fresh fish, you name it! I normally also always have a meat supply in my freezer that I defrost when needed. I also always have some bacon on hand, my favorite just so happens to be Whole3o approved and from Pederson’s Farms.

Pre-Cooked Meats: In addition to raw meats, I normally buy pre-cooked sausages and ham from Fork In the Road, Salami or in-house smoked turkey from Whole Foods.


Primal Kitchen Foods Collagen Bars: The “snack drawer” in our fridge (not our name, I swear its on the fridge) is pretty much chock full of protein bars. One of those bars are these Primal Kitchen Foods bars. They are chocolatey and delicious and as a bonus, they’re made with collagen!

RXBARS: The other type of protein bar that we allllways have on hand are a bunch of different flavors of RXBARS. There is literally not one flavor of these that I don’t like and they are made with such simple and clean ingredients.

Siete Tortillas: Not only are these tortillas my favorite paleo-friendly tortillas, but I absolutely love the company and their story. They just released a Cassava & Chia flour variety which is amazing, but I think my favorite is the Cassava & Coconut.

Canyon Bakehouse Bread: Throughout my long health journey, I’ve learned that my body responds just fine when incorporated some high-quality gluten free bread, if though it may not be “paleo” per se. Canyon Bakehouse is widely available at my Whole Foods, so that’s often the brand I buy. They also make delicious bagels, hot dogs and hamburger buns!


Nutpods: You will never find my without my all-time favorite dairy-free creamer, Nutpods. I use these in coffee, tea, even in smoothies!

Suja: Although I recently bought my own juicer, I still love the ease of picking up a Suja now and again. My favorite flavors are Twelve Essentials, Fortitude and Lavenade. Their Sayonara Sugar package contains a ton of my favorite lower sugar options.

Koa: This drink is probably the most unique beverage I’ve ever encountered. Made from cold-pressed fruits and veggies, Koa magically extracts the calories and sugar but keeps all the nutrients from the juice. Think enhanced water, but without any of the unnatural flavors or lack of nutrients.

Chameleon Cold Brew: I’ve found that my body doesn’t respond that well to hot coffee, especially when I enjoy it on a regular basis. For that reason, I always make sure to have some Chameleon Cold Brew in the house. I use this mostly to make my Paleo Protein Frappe but I also enjoy it on its own with nutpods.

New Barn Almond Milk: Homemade almond milk is SO much better than the store-bought kind, but New Barn is the one and only exception. If you’re too lazy to make almond milk at home, this is as close to the real thing as you’re going to get!

REBBL: These elixirs are INCREDIBLE. My favorites are the Matcha and Golden Milk, but really, they’re all delicious. They’re dairy-free and made with coconut milk plus some incredibly nutrient-dense super herbs. Stay tuned as I’ll be partnering with them soon at Expo East and making some delicious cocktails and cocktails using my two fave flavors!

Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot: Need some quick probiotics? I am pretty obsessed with the Ginger Beet Gut Shot and love to keep a bottle in my fridge for a swig or two every day!


Hemp Seed Oil: If you’ve been following all my posts about my skin, you know that hemp oil is a HUGE part of my all-natural topical skincare routine. Click here to learn why!

GoLive Probiotic Packets: I’ve been a fan of GoLive for a while now and their Spa probiotic packets are always in my fridge for when I want to change up my probiotic game. Just throw one of these packets into a glass of whatever and voila!

Rosita Cod Liver Oil: This stuff is liquid gold. Another key element of my skincare/hormonal acne routine, I never go a day without a swig of this stuff. Vitamin D3 + Omegas all in one!


Farmhouse Culture Sauerkraut: Farmhouse Culture makes an appearance not once, but twice in my fridge! My husband and I love doing easy hot dog or sausage nights where we make some hot dogs or sausages (hold the buns) with our favorite mustard and go-to sauerkraut. It’s the absolute perfect 5-minute dinner!

Bacon Fat: Every time I make bacon, I make sure to save the fat. There are few things better than food cooked in bacon fat, right?! And to think, you never even have to buy it, it comes free with your bacon! Whether your cook your bacon in a pan or bake it, simply pour off the fat into a little ramekin and save it in the fridge! One of my favorite things to make with bacon fat are my Hash Browns.

Bare Bones Broth: This broth is THE BEST. No questions asked. I use Bare Bones Broth to cook with and to sip on its own. All of their flavors are delicious and I have yet to find another broth that is as high quality as this stuff. Just open the package and witness the gelatinous broth and you will know for yourself!

Honeyville Almond Flour: This is the only almond flour I use and I always buy it in 2 pound bags. I keep it in my fridge so that it lasts longer, a tip not many people know about!

Otto’s Cassava Flour: This is another gluten-free flour I always make sure to keep on hand. From chicken nuggets to brownies and beyond, this stuff subs 1:1 with regular flour and is such an amazing ingredient to have on hand.

Vital Farms Eggs: Don’t have chickens in your backyard? Vital Farms is the next best thing. Pasture-raised and organic/non-gmo, these are the only eggs I buy!

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips: These allergy-free chocolate chips are not only free of dairy and soy, but they’re also insanely delicious! I keep these on hand for things like my Dairy-Free Cherry Garcia Ice Cream, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t grab a handful now and again for a quick treat!


Fruits: You’ll normally find some apples, berries and other lower-sugar fruits in my fridge. These make great snacks, additions to smoothies or a whole food dessert!

Veggies: I always have some spinach and kale on hand for smoothies and/or quick breakfasts, but you will find an insane variety of vegetables in my fridge at any given time. I try to mix it up!

Herbs: Kept fresh in my herb keeper, I normally have basil, rosemary, parsley, thyme… you name it! NOTHING completely transforms a dish like fresh herbs.

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