What I Loved In August


This past month has been absolutely crazy. In addition to it being my birthday month, much of my time was spent cramming a ton of work into a few short weeks in order to prepare to be away from home for close to a full month. My husband and I just returned from Maui this past Thursday, where we were for one week and then this coming Tuesday, we will be flying to NYC and then onto Paris, Salzburg and Amsterdam. As if that weren’t enough, when we land back in New York on the way home, my husband will be flying back to San Diego, but I will taking the train to Baltimore to go straight to Expo East, one of the largest natural products trade shows in the country. Crazy right?!? I absolutely love traveling, but it’s been quite a few years since I was away from home for this long.

Despite the stress and cramming, I am already feeling so much better after our trip to Maui and unbelievably excited to head to Europe. Travel really feeds my soul in a way that few things do.

In the spirit of being away from home, you will likely find at least a few of the things I loved in August and September that are travel-related. Looking for some easy tricks to stay healthy while traveling without it feeling burdensome or stressful? Check out this post!

What I’ve been reading:

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: If you read this post, you may know that I’ve been struggling with dealing with stress recently. Since I knew I would be spending a ton of time on planes and trains this month, I figured I might as well spend that time learning more about stress and effects it has on our bodies. Not only that, but I am dying to get to the end of the book to read more about coping mechanisms and why certain personality types are more susceptible to stress than others.

The Paleo Kids Cookbook: My friend Jennifer released yet another amazing cookbook! The Paleo Kids Cookbook arrived in the mail while were in Maui. All of the recipes are free of grains, gluten, dairy, peanuts shellfish and soy. With dishes like grilled cheese, pizza, soft pretzels and Mac n’ Cheese, it’s basically gluten and dairy-free heaven. I cannot wait to dig into these recipes… pre-order your copy on Amazon for under $15, it comes out this Tuesday, September 6th!


What I’ve been eating and drinking:

Siete Foods Chia & Cassava Flour Tortillas: Did you see these new tortillas from Siete Foods? I already tried them out with my Halibut Fish Tacos and they were divine!

Date Lady products: Have you guys tried this stuff? Everything is made with dates and sweetened with dates… from chocolate spread to caramel syrup and Date Balsamic that I used in my Cherry-Stuffed Chicken Breast recipe, everything is so delicious. Save 10% and get free shipping when you spend $30 on their website by using code “take10”!

Nikki’s Coconut Butter: This stuff is like crack. Not that I know what crack is like, obviously. 🙂 I love dipping apples in this coconut butter or including it in one of my favorite smoothies… keep your eye out because I will be posting the recipe soon along with a giveaway, featuring Nikki’s! Want to make sure you don’t miss any of my giveaways? Sign up for my newsletter here!

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Packets: These were a lifesaver in Maui and I am planning to bring them to Europe as well. So easy when you want some quick nutrients. I love to have one of these before flying and every several days while I’m away to keep my immune system strong and my digestion working well.

Go Live Probiotic Packets: These are another great tool for staying healthy while traveling. Just dump one packet in some water and get the benefit of probiotics and probiotics. The “Spa” flavor is my favorite by far.

4th & Heart Vanilla Bean Ghee: This ghee is divine added to your morning coffee or Dandy Blend. They also make some other fantastic flavors that I featured here.


What I’ve been using on my skin:

Beautycounter Concealer: Don’t get my wrong, I love putting on makeup and getting fancy. However, especially since I work from home, most of my time is spent makeup-less or with as little makeup as possible just to run to the store or other errands. Of course, avoiding a full face of makeup was a lot more difficult when I was struggling with acne, but now that my face has cleared substantially, I am back to minimal makeup. My absolute favorite thing to wear when I don’t want to go crazy is the Beautycounter concealer. I use both the Fair and Light… Fair for brightening up under eye circles and highlighting and then the Light for hiding any imperfections. These two handy concealer pens were practically all I wore on our trip to Maui!

Beautycounter Sunscreen: Another fave from our trip to Maui, this stuff was a lifesaver. My husband and I were both shocked that neither of us got sunburned despite our hours upon hours in the sun. Not only that, but we felt comfortable knowing our sunscreen was safe and it didn’t leave any gross residue.

Beautycounter Stick Sunscreen: The sunscreen I linked to above is totally fine for your face, but this Stick Sunscreen is designed specifically for your face. You apply it super easily, just like a mini deodorant and it smells SO GOOD, just like cocoa butter. It’s also extremely lightweight and lasts forever.

Beautycounter Lip Sheer in Petal: Going along with the minimal makeup theme, this is another one of my favorite low-key makeup items. The Petal shade almost matches my lip color so it gives them a nice boost in color and shine. All of the lip sheers are extremely lightweight and non-toxic which is important because women consume an average of 7 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime, much of which can contain things like lead and other toxins that do not legally have to be disclosed. Scary right? Read more about that here.


Gadgets and tools I’ve been loving:

My Breville Juicer: Did you miss my very first juice recipe? Check it out here! I also talk about what kind of juice is paleo-friendly and provide some easy tips for starting to juice at home. A fantastic juicer to get when you’re just starting to juice (like me) is the Breville Juice Fountain.

My Essential Oil Diffuser: I actually got this diffuser as a gift this past Christmas. For some strange reason, I never got around to using it until this past month. However, now that I’ve started, I can’t stop! My favorite oils to diffuse at the moment are tea tree oil and clary sage, both of which are great for stress and detox.

My Waffle Maker: My husband was always anti-waffle maker because he thought we’d never use it and that it just take up space. I may or may not have snuck it onto our wedding registry and I have to say, he isn’t mad about it. I have been making grain-free waffles non-stop like these Green Protein Waffles with Spinach and Collagen!


Recipes & Posts you may have missed:

Everyday Whole30 Salad Dressing: This is one of my favorite go-to salad dressings, regardless of whether or not I am doing a Whole30. Click to find out what the secret ingredient is!

6 Mistakes People Make with Sensitive or Acne-Prone Skin: In the process of healing my skin after 5 years of hormonal acne, I realized how many mistakes I had been making along the way. There is so much misinformation out there and I hope to clear up a lot of the confusion with this post.

5 Minute Paleo Plantains: Another Whole30 approved dish, these plantains are not only delicious, but exceptionally easy to make! Pair them with my Slow Cooker Pulled PorkDeli-Style Cole Slaw and Spicy Southern Greens.

Why I Made the Switch to Non-Toxic Makeup and Skincare: After limiting toxic estrogens from my environment in an effort to heal my acne, the very last change I made was switching to non-toxic makeup. Are you someone like me that continues to make excuses for why you aren’t making the switch? Learn what finally pushed me over the edge.