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Toaster Oven Vs Convection Oven: Which Is Better For Your Kitchen?

Recognizing the difference between a toaster oven vs convection oven can make your cooking procedure more efficient than ever. Check out our article for more!

Toaster Oven Vs Convection Oven Which Is Better For Your Kitchen


Both toaster and convection ovens are useful equipment that you had better invest in the kitchen. However, each type represents its own characteristic specific to the different types of food. Therefore, identifying what is the difference between toaster oven vs convection oven is essential before purchasing!

A toaster oven has moderately-low size and capacity, fitting small and easily-cooked foods. Meanwhile, the convection oven is favored for its larger appearance and extensive power. A convection fan is also at hand, equally spreading the heat inside the furnace.

Compared to a mini model like a toaster oven, extra technology values are more likely to be offered in a convection oven.

To dig into more details, scroll down to get the thorough answer to the question: what is a convection oven vs a toaster oven?


What Is A Convection Oven?

What Is A Convection Oven

  • As we shared above, a built-in convection fan makes the selling point in the convection ovens’ function. The heating airflow continuously spreads throughout the oven and approaches all the food surfaces. Thanks to this, dishes are cooked faster and more evenly.
  • Innovation brings convection oven energy and cooking time-saving. As you know, baked goods usually take a lot of time. However, you can ease this problem with the convection oven.
  • For baked pastries, convection ovens possibly make the crust crispy while retaining the moisture of the cake filling. This feature has attracted numerous baking enthusiasts.
  • Food sticking with cooking utensils is undoubtedly a nightmare for any chef. However, you can rest assured since the hot convection airflow will tackle this error.
  • Performance can remain consistent.

What Is A Toaster Oven?

What Is A Toaster Oven

Toaster oven, also known as a mini-oven, has a smaller size and capacity. However, the benefits they bring to cooking procedures are undeniable. They are mostly used for basic and light-duty tasks. You can quickly bake loaves of bread for breakfast like toast, sandwiches, or bagels. They can also work wonders for small pastries like muffins or cupcakes.

  • A toaster oven can save you time as the time setting is short. Reheating leftovers can come in handy.
  • You can maximize your kitchen space thanks to the small, compact design of the toaster oven. It can become a wise option if you reside in apartments with moderate areas and only do simple cooking tasks.
  • The price tag is much more reasonable, corresponding to the values offered.

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Toaster Oven vs Convection Oven: What Are The Differences?

Heat Distribution

Heat Distribution

Hot spots are generated by the heating element equipped on both the top and bottom. The heat inside is evenly spread in the convection oven thanks to the support of the key tool – a circular fan. 

The airflow surrounding will contact and cook the food from the outside to the inside. The dishes are not only cooked on all sides but also minimize the likelihood of being overcooked or undercooked.

Since there is no convection fan, the heating elements installed in the toaster oven directly cook food from the top and bottom sides simultaneously. That’s why it can toast slices of sandwiches perfectly.

Capacity and Power

Capacity and Power

The toaster oven has a maximum capacity of 10L, operating within the average power from 1200W to 1400W, according to Energy Star. Thereby, you can toast 2-3 full-size slices of sandwiches or reheat 2 pizzettas at a time. 

In case you are bound to grill meat, chicken is recommended. Chicken thighs or chicken breasts can be cooked more efficiently than other types of meat.

Owning a great deal of times larger capacity: 20-40L, the convection oven easily serves king-sized items. It can contain up to 3 trays of different foods and be cooked at the same time. Do you want to bake pizza or birthday cakes? It does not matter at all, thanks to the double power of 4500W at maximum.

Energy Use & Safety

Toaster oven vs convection oven energy usage is also a matter of concern. A toaster oven can roast food in a short amount of time, thanks to the high heat setting. Therefore, the energy used is only 1/2 of that of conventional electric ones.

You can save more than 20% energy by the rotation of the convection fan. The oven can bake in a faster time while emitting less heat than the ordinary ovens. This key principle has explained this energy efficiency.

In the technology arrangement, a hot coil device inherently attends in almost traditional ovens in the market. However, it is eliminated from the convection ovens, giving up the seat to convection fans and metal heaters. Hence, from a safety perspective, convection ovens dominate the game.

Cooking Time

You must have spent plenty of time waiting for the food to be completely cooked by a normal oven or manual baking. It is typically 55 minutes to 1 hour, or even more than 2 hours. It is time for the convection oven to relieve your mind.

In general, the cooking time of the convection oven is somewhat faster than that of conventional ones because the hot airflow directly penetrates the food’s inside. 

Once again, the built-in fan is credited for this benefit. However, it also oscillates depending on which food you bake. Soft pastries take about 30-35 minutes, while cookies and savory dishes take an average of 50 minutes.

A toaster oven is used for daily cooking tasks. Thus, dishes, especially breakfast bread, can be ready after about 10-15 minutes.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Specialized in baking and roasting, the convection oven allows you to manually adjust the desired temperature through a temperature dial or various heat buttons. With this design, you are required to be proficient in usage. This way, you can set the appropriate temperature for each stage of your baked pastries.

Meanwhile, a toaster oven much more facilitates cooking newbies. Heat is usually set at fixed levels. You only need to press the button once and wait for the dish to be heated accordingly.

Quality And Durability

The hot airflow is not accumulated in fixed points but diffused. Thanks to this improvement in operation principle, the convection oven has a more credible lifespan. 

However, please note that cleaning and preserving the oven after each use also significantly prolong durability. Some well-known convection ovens can last around 10-13 years.

Undoubtedly, mini appliances like toaster ovens will last less than half as long as others. 6-7 years are considered the prime time of this equipment.

Cooking Space

Cooking Space

Obviously, fan-assisted ovens have a more spacious cooking area in both depth and breadth. A small and cramped kitchen might find this appliance a little overwhelmed.

The toaster oven has a small size, similar to a mini microwave. As a result, the toaster oven can be placed anywhere on the cabinet without fear of a bulky appearance.

Easy Of Using And Cleaning

The circular fan operation in the convection oven is optimal because the food impossibly sticks to the rack. In addition, the distance between the baking dishes is also spacious. You do not need to spend too much effort on the cleaning procedure. Gently wiping 1-2 times with a damp cloth, the oven can be clean as before.

The toaster oven takes you a little more time to clean the stain from leftover sticking to the baking dish. Scattered breadcrumbs can become a challenge due to the close gap between racks. You need to use special tools, such as a brush, to remove them from the small oven.


There is nothing debatable if a convection oven is more expensive. Depending on other technical innovations and other accessories, the price can oscillate from $200-$300.

The price tag of the toaster oven is much more reasonable, ranging around $100. Don’t doubt its ability because of the price. Toaster ovens are believed to exceed your expectations in their versatility and durability. 

Moreover, you can even find the best toaster oven under $100, whose performance is also consistent and credible.

Accessories and Function

Manufacturers usually attach quite a few essential cooking utensils to specialized ovens. The convection one is not an exception. You can receive bakeware and broiling racks when unboxing the package. 

A toaster oven is not furnished with accessories that much. Packages rarely come with tools.

Type Of Food

Type Of Food

The convection oven can directly tackle fresh food. You can bake large-batch cakes or any type of food. Plus, you can let the convection oven shine at moderate family parties. 

They can enlighten your moments with a full course meal. Roasted vegetables for appetizer, whole-grilled turkey as the main dish, and crispy cookies for desserts. To sum up, you are free to prepare savory or sweet dishes with convection ovens.

A toaster oven is recommended for prepared foods with small dimensions. Breakfast sandwiches, bagels, or burritos are the most popular toasted items. 

Alternatively, you can have this mini equipment reheat your leftovers. From there, dinners are less time-consuming. You can sometimes try to roast meat; however, you are likely to end up with undercooked or overcooked dishes. Or else, the meat will be drier than that in a standard electric oven.

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Convection Oven Vs Toaster Oven- Guide To Choose

Usage Purpose

Usage Purpose

Convection ovens with specialized functions are born for those passionate about cooking. If you are desperate to make delicious cakes, let the convection oven support your hobbies. It can even be an efficient tool for small bakery business owners.

You are often in charge of cooking meals for other family members. Your family looks forward to gathering for a party on the weekends. That’s why you are searching for an appliance providing additional convenience and durability. In these cases, convection ovens can also turn out to be a worthwhile investment.

Meanwhile, the convenience and quickness of the toaster oven are somewhat suitable for those who pursue a single lifestyle. You probably don’t cook on a frequent basis, you may consider cooking as a task more than an interest, and you need a basic oven for your home breakfasts. 

If that is the case, you might consider a toaster oven rather than the standard one. When you purchase an oven beyond your knowledge of oven usage, you will waste not only your budget but also the specialized functions provided. Let’s become smart consumers by utilizing the toaster oven for thin and small cuts of meat apart from slices of bread.


Price is also another important factor. A generous budget can allow you to purchase a convection oven. On the other hand, if your income level is moderate or you are a college student living away from home, let’s prioritize toaster ovens.

Kitchen Space

Kitchen Space

Possessing massive dimensions, the fan-assisted oven requires more kitchen space. In addition, it also coordinates more harmoniously in the kitchen, whose design is luxurious and modern.

Locating the toaster oven in a small kitchen with low cabinets is more recommended, optimizing the cooking space. Toaster ovens can also add subtleness to minimalist and adorable cookery areas. Also, a toaster oven can have its moment when you live in a homestay where other people share the kitchen. That’s why your stuff had better be neat in the corner of the cabinet.


The 3 most essential elements of a kitchen appliance include safety, convenience, durability, and so does the oven. It is not sold at a cheap price, so you’ll need the one loyalty to serve your needs. The standard is at least 6 years for a toaster oven and 10 years for a fan-assisted one.

Therefore, please take products from reputable brands into consideration. BOSCH, Panasonic, Breville, or Oster are the names you should refer to. The price may be higher; in return, safety and durability are significantly credible.

Last but not least, you should also choose reliable merchandising stores. Before making a decision, please carefully check the item’s authenticity. Plus, don’t forget to ask about the warranty policy. Make sure the product is returnable if you find a manufacturer-related defect.

What Food Is Best For Convection Oven And Toaster Oven?

What Food Is Best For Convection Oven And Toaster Oven

Coming with differences in the cooking features, each machine also corresponds to a specific food, as we mentioned above.

Toaster Oven

With the toaster oven, you possibly focus on small-batch foods regardless of savory or sweet. For bread, please note to cut into medium-thin slices. 

Thus, the slices of sandwiches and bagels or pizzettas can be toasted evenly on both sides without being dry. Mini cakes can also become aromatic thanks to the toaster oven, typically muffins and cupcakes. You can still enjoy the light crispy crust with soft dough texture inside.

Convection Oven

A convection oven spoils you with cooking options. You don’t need to consider the size or quantity of the solids anymore because the capacity is large enough for large-batch items.

Whole chicken, pork ribs, or beef can be expertly grilled in a convection oven. The crispy and aromatic toppings will cover the meat coming out of the oven. Moreover, the meat inside manifests a fusion of softness, juiciness, and light toughness.

The convection oven can also offer light supper like roasted sweet potatoes or tomatoes and fried chips, pizzas, or cookies in which the number of pieces is no longer limited.

Please do not waste space in the oven with small items. The larger the food, the more optimally the convection is used.


Which Is Better: A Toaster Oven Or A Convection Oven?

Which Is Better A Toaster Oven Or A Convection Oven

Honestly, neither one is said to be better because they are completely different in functions. Each type is dedicated to each cooking task at different levels. Of course, they also possess strengths and expose shortcomings.

Which one is better mostly depends on your needs. Once the product is used for its intended purpose, it is bound to become the best assistant.

We believe that you do not intend to lead a toaster oven to be overloaded by heavy cooking duties. Please regard the convection one if you look for extra improvements, accessories, energy efficiency, and convenience.

When Should Not Use A Convection Oven?

The hot airflow of a convection oven is used for cooking but not food processing. Hence, please do not use it to defrost or dehydrate the raw food. We’ve recorded a few cases of misuse, shortening the oven’s longevity. 

In addition, you should not reheat liquid foods (soup, porridge, broth, etc.) with this appliance. Using the traditional method – manually reheating on the cooktop-  is more effective. Finally, bake items that are similar in size to the cooking space. Otherwise, the ovens are more likely to consume the energy inefficiently.

Do Convection Oven Cook Faster?

The answer is yes. A convection oven claims its strength in cooking time, which is much superior to a toaster or ordinary electric ovens. Convection fans directly bring hot air evenly inside the dish (while it only surrounds the food in normal ovens). As a result, you save up to 35% of the time taken to perfect your baked dishes.


Through our post summary, you can well recognize the differences between a toaster oven vs convection oven.

In conclusion, a convection oven specializes in cooking large amounts of food, remarkably in baking cakes.

 In return, the users are also required to have specific cooking knowledge to control the function buttons competently. Thereby, the baked dishes can come out as perfectly as desired.

The toaster oven has a more basic technical structure, but it still offers consistent quality and ease of use. It can still serve you meals for a whole day. 

You can use the oven for tasks like toasting sandwiches for breakfast, baking muffins for tea break, or reheating your leftovers for dinner.


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