Top 10 Best Wondra Flour Substitutes for Cooking and Baking

wondra flour substitutes

I live in a place where I can’t get Wondra flour. I’ve been searching online for a good Wondra flour substitute, and many are asking me to order online, which is way more expensive. Fortunately, I’ve found plenty of cheaper alternatives to Wondra flour. A combination of cornstarch and all-purpose flour makes a nice substitute …

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8 Maggi Seasoning Substitutes That Packs A Lot Of Umami

Maggi Seasoning Substitutes

Maggi seasoning has been a staple in my kitchen for quite some time. I love to sprinkle this flavorful liquid into my scrambled eggs and marinate meat. It’s my ultimate secret ingredient, but it’s hard to find outside Asian and Latin markets.  The best Maggi seasoning substitutes include soy sauce, Tamari sauce, and Worcestershire sauce. …

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7 Best Sweet Chili Sauce Substitutes to Try at Home

Sweet Chili Sauce Substitutes

Sweet chili sauce has a sugary flavor with notes of sour and spicy. It commonly consists of vinegar, dried red chili flakes, and sweeteners. Additionally, honey and sugar are usually used for the sauce.  This sweet and spicy sauce is versatile and can be used in any dish you please. It can be used for …

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The 10 Best Cane Vinegar Substitutes For Your Recipes

Cane Vinegar Substitutes

Vinegar is something that is available in every kitchen and can be used for multiple purposes, from making dressings and marinades to cleaning your home. Cane vinegar is no exception. Cane vinegar is one of the vinegar varieties made of sugarcane juice. It is less acidic than other varieties and is extensively used in Asian …

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The Best Vidalia Onion Substitute: 7 Options You Can Try

Vidalia Onion Substitute

I’ve tasted Vidalia onion rings from a friend and my life has changed for the better. These onions are very sweet and juicy, so I hunt them in the market. To my surprise, they’re rare to find. For this dilemma, a good Vidalia onion substitute can do the trick. Walla walla onions are the closest …

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10 Great Northern Bean Substitutes That Can Boost Your Meals

Great Northern Bean Substitutes

Do you want to know what great northern bean substitutes may suit your daily cooking needs? Check ten options here. I love beans, especially great northern beans because they make a healthy addition to casseroles and many other recipes. When I ran out of them in my cupboard, I had a slight panic because they’re …

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