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Scrumptious & Styled Review – A Complete Guide To Food Photography

Photography has been in my life for a pretty long time. I first remember falling in love with taking pictures during my last year at sleepaway camp in Maine at about 12-13 years old. Something inspired me to sign up for the photography workshop. I learned how to shoot on a manual film camera and develop my own photos. I’m not exactly sure what it was but it felt so inspiring to be able to capture something that that looked beautiful to me. At the time I certainly wasn’t setting up elaborate food scenes, I would just walk around the camp and snap a photo of anything that caught my eye – a beach chair, the edge of sail boats pulled up on the sand, my chuck taylor hightop-wearing feet.

After camp I shot with a few different film cameras, several point and shoots eventually graduated to a DSLR camera in 2008-2009. I was in love with my Canon T1i for a few years (you can probably even find my flickr account if you google it!), but it definitely took a back seat to my iPhone up until the beginning of this year. I had always missed shooting with a real camera and I couldn’t be happier that the launch of Anya’s Eats brought me back to photography in a whole new way. I also recently upgraded to a Canon T6i. Of course, even though I’ve been shooting photos for more than half my life, food photography is a whole different animal.

I definitely used to get away with shooting in auto mode with auto focus but when you’re taking a photo of something so detailed that requires a very specific type of light, you really have no choice but to learn how to manipulate nearly every function on your camera and lens. Food can look really, really bad if it’s not photographed properly and when the entire point is to make your dish look appetizing, your photo is pretty important. When I decided to launch my blog I knew that if I was going to put in the time and effort to prepare and photograph recipes to share with people, I wanted to make sure I had the right skills and tools to do the job. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a ton of very fancy or expensive equipment and and you can absolutely take some pretty awesome shots with an iPhone or point and shoot. But for me, my love of photography really pushed me to take my photos to the next level. In addition to my passion for sharing healthy recipes, photography has been a hugely rewarding creative outlet for me.

Sooooo, without further ado, I wanted to share my review of Scrumptious & Styled: A Complete Guide to Food Photography by Caroline Potter of Colorful Eats Nutrition!

Scrumptious & Styled Review - A Complete Guide to Food Photography

I am always quick to jump when finding a new food photography book or guide. Not that I haven’t read about ISO, bokeh and photo props before, but reading about someone’s unique process and understanding of their camera is always inspiring. There are a few rules you have to follow when taking a good photograph, but that doesn’t mean each shot isn’t left up to personal interpretation. Everyone handles their cameras differently, decides to take shots from different angles and comes at everything with a fresh and unique perspective. As someone who is still trying to develop their “style,” it’s always refreshing to see something through someone else’s eyes. Figuring out who you are as a photographer is a process and seeing what other people do helps me clarify what type of style I’m drawn to.

Scrumptious & Styled is gorgeous, straight forward and chock full of tips and tutorials for how to get that perfect shot. One of my favorite things about Caroline’s shots is her picturesque studio. I completely envy her beautiful large windows covered in airy sheer curtains to diffuse the light. Not to mention, her worn wooden table is basically my dream table. I’ve only been posting on Anya’s Eats for a few months but I have officially decided to make myself a proper studio in the near future. Of course, first my fiancé Chris and I need to find a house to buy, but as soon as that happens, I cannot wait to set up my own space! Caroline definitely inspired me with Scrumptious & Styled to prioritize the things you know will make your photography better and your experience a lot more enjoyable. For me, setting up a dedicated space would definitely help save me a ton of time and energy.

Scrumptious & Styled Radishes

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Scrumptious & Styled is only $29.99 and is available for download on Colorful Eats. If you’re a total photo newbie, thinking about starting a blog or just want to get inspired, I highly recommend you check out this gorgeous book!

Writing about photography has also inspired me to write a post all of my favorite photo tools and equipment, so look out for that in the near future!


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