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My husband and I are off to Hawaii in less than a week and I am already in full-on packing mode. My number one priority when traveling is to feel completely relaxed and stress free. Planning ahead to make sure I have everything I need to feel healthy and carefree on my trip is a must.

Of course, for someone who doesn’t eat gluten or dairy, mostly avoids alcohol and follows a relatively complicated protocol for hormonal balance, travel isn’t always the easiest thing for me. With a great deal of practice and trial and error, I’ve developed a few easy principals that I follow every trip that enable me to feel great about going on vacation, without any of the stress about falling off the wagon.

Curious about what these principals are? Read the 6 tips below!

1. Set your boundaries ahead of time. This is by far the most important pre-trip ritual. Think carefully about how you want this trip to go. Do you feel that you need to adhere strictly to your health & wellness routine without making any sacrifices whatsoever? Do you want to land somewhere in middle, perhaps maintaining some routines, but not all of them? Or, perhaps you’re planning a balls to the wall vacation with no holds barred. Whichever you choose, it’s important to make this decision ahead of time so that you don’t get overwhelmed or anxious about it when you’re on your trip.

1. The first thing you want to consider are your dietary habits. Do you have certain food allergies or sensitivities that you want to adhere to while away? If so, plan accordingly. If you think you’re safe to make a few exceptions on this trip, no one will judge, but at least you will have made that decision ahead of time so that you don’t feel guilty on your trip when you make a less than perfect food choice.

2. The second thing to think about is your workout routine. Personally, I like to stay relatively active on trips. However, if I know I am going to be walking a lot or doing something more rigorous like hiking, I will give myself a break with regular workouts, knowing I am moving my body in different but equally as healthy ways.

2. Bring the necessities and anything you know you won’t find. For me, this breaks down into three individual areas – food stuffs, supplements and body care products.

1. As far as ingredients go, depending on where I’m going, I will often bring some coconut aminos (my alternative to soy sauce), stevia, trace minerals to add to my water, collagen, even nutpods!

2. Staying on my supplement protocol while I’m traveling is a must and this container is perfect for keeping everything organized on a weekly basis. I have one for me and my husband! I also love to pack some packets of Go Live probiotic powder. This flavor is my favorite and it gives you a great boost of probiotics, which is always a plus when traveling.

3.I always make a point to travel with non-toxic toiletries. I love this travel kit from Beautycounter (which now comes for free with a Band of Beauty Membership!) and these small containers are great for bringing products you already have but that might be in too large of a container.

3. Seek recommendations you trust. In addition to yelp reviews, I like to consult with people I know and trust when it comes to recommendations for anything from activities to restaurant advice. Because it’s hard to sort through hundreds of yelp reviews to figure out if a restaurant uses quality ingredients or offers gluten-free options, seek out people you know who have been there before and ask their advice!

4. Think twice about all-inclusive. Although there are some exceptions, the majority of all-inclusive options do not leave much room for finding healthy options that fit within your dietary preferences. You may end up paying a lot of money for food you can’t enjoy. Do your research in advance and make sure that if you’re going all-inclusive that you’ll have plenty of food options.

5. Consider staying near a grocery store. If you’re going to have access to a kitchen and/or small refrigerator, it might make sense to find a place near a local grocery store. When the hotel food just doesn’t cut it and there aren’t any great breakfast or lunch spots near where you’re staying, making your own food can be a great option, not just for health reasons, but you will end up saving a butt load of money!

6. When in doubt, pack lots of snacks. You will never find me traveling without a bunch of healthy snacks in toe. Here are some of my faves:

1. RXBARs and Primal Kitchen Foods Collagen Bars. Both of these are great options for grab-and-go protein. Whether you need some whole food fuel on the plane or first thing in the morning before a day of vacation adventures, these can seriously come in handy.

2. Kale Chips. I’m always worried about getting enough leafy greens into my system while on vacation. These are great to have on hand as a snack or side to any meal.

3. Homemade Trail Mix. My recipe for 4-ingredient Paleo Trail Mix is a no brainer when preparing for a healthy vacation. I made a huge batch of this before our trip to Alaska last summer.

4. Jerky or meat snacks. I’m personally not a huge jerky fan, but I love all of these Wilde meat bars!

5. Nut Butter Packets. These are another great option for an easy to pack snack that help you beat any hunger pang. Spreading this on an apple or eating it right out of the pack is so simple and perfect for vacay.

6. Eating Evolved Chocolate. If you’re traveling in the summer, this may not be the greatest choice since it can melt. But if you have a way to keep them cool, I love having this healthy chocolate when I’m away. Finding a dessert that I can enjoy that doesn’t contain gluten or dairy is often impossible. Having some Eating Evolved chocolate with me means I don’t have to skip out on dessert entirely and get jealous of everyone else!

7. Bubba’s. This is my all time favorite paleo-friendly bagged snack. If you love the taste of Chex Mix, this tastes almost identical. I love to have this as a snack on the plane and also pack a few extra in my bag for snacks during the trip.



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