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For years I suffered with incredibly dry skin. This always seemed a bit odd to me given that I also suffered from hormonal acne and it’s common to associate acne with excess oil. Regardless, for years I had to deal with not just pimples, but incredibly sensitive, flaky skin that was hard to cover with makeup. In fact, makeup seemed to make it a lot more obvious. If you’re someone that suffers from dry skin, you can probably relate.

While dry skin can sometimes seem impossible to fix, the good news is that it’s not. With a few changes to my skincare routine, I was able to finally put an end to my dry skin. Not only that, but the steps I took to address dry skin also helped the health of my skin overall! In other words, my acne and sensitive skin also improved tremendously by following these simple steps.


This tip is key and often the biggest mistake you can make when suffering from dry skin. So many of us that suffer from acne or any other skin condition think that exfoliating will help us shed that pesky, dry skin, giving way to healthy skin underneath. Right? Wrong. While the concept of exfoliating (helping our skin regenerate) is an excellent way to address dry skin, the way we all do it, with harsh scrubs, is not the right way. So what is the right way? Well, first things first is to toss that harsh scrub that’s doing nothing but further aggravating your skin. Instead, stick to something called enzyme exfoliation. This process helps your skin become healthier without any harsh scrubbing. Use a combination of the Alitura Clay Mask and Papaya Extract to gently exfoliate your skin using the enzymes found naturally in these products. Want more info about the mask and how to use it? Check out this video about my topical skincare routine!


Without fail, after getting out of the shower or washing my face, I would immediately dry my face off with a towel or paper towel. Seems harmless, but water can actually be extremely beneficial in helping to remedy dry skin. Instead of immediately drying off your face after you get it wet, let the water soak into your skin and air dry. Wait until your face is fully dry before applying any products. Ideally, you want to use a shower filter like this one in order to filter out some of the harsh toxins that can be present in our tap water.


There are a lot of oils out there touted for helping everything from acne to dry skin, even oily skin. They key with oils is to do some of your own research by testing what works for you personally. No two people have the same skin properties, so it’s important that you find what works for you individually. Personally, I really love Hemp Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil. Both are great for dry skin and are rated very low (0 and 1 respectively) on the comedogenic scale, meaning they are also less likely to clog pores and break me out. If you want to learn more about how I use these oils, check out this post.


When you’re suffering from any chronic skin condition whether that be dry skin, oily skin, rosacea, acne, etc., one common mistake we all make is to apply far too many products and touch our face way more often than we should. Our skin is our largest organ and is extremely capable of creating a perfect pH balance and regenerating on its own. When we pick our face, apply too many products, even wash our face too often, we are stripping it of all of its natural and beneficial bacteria. If you’re suffering from dry skin especially, this could be a sign that you’re doing too much. Take a break from washing for face for a few weeks along with some of these other tips and see if you notice a difference.


This one should go without saying, but I know so many people are still using toxic, conventional products on their face. If you want to read more about why I finally made the switch to all natural makeup and skincare, read this post. In short, conventional body care contains a laundry list of toxic ingredients that not only can dry out and damage your skin topically, but they also contain harmful toxins and endocrine disrupters that can negatively affect hormonal balance. When your hormones are out of whack, you skin can suffer tremendously. Click here to read more about my topical skincare routine and learn how to wash your face, remove your makeup and apply products that will help address dry skin and other pesky skin conditions.


If you’re someone that suffers from both dry skin and acne, sometimes it can be a little scary to moisturize in fear that you might make your acne worse. As long as you’re using all natural products and oils with a low comedogenic rating, you shouldn’t worry. My favorite moisturizer is the Korres Greek Yogurt Moisturizer. These days, I also add a few drops of Beautycounter’s Balancing Oil to give my skin some extra love and nourishment. I apply both morning and night and simply wait about 10 minutes before applying makeup in the morning. This not only helps to keep my skin healthy, but it also helps in preventing my makeup from drying me out. I now wear powder every day when I wear makeup and never have a problem!


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