The Truth About Stress


Figured there was no better time than the start of a new week to talk about stress. Whether it’s stress at home, at work or even the stress we feel when sitting in traffic, I think we can all agree that none of us are immune. We know it’s there, we might have some idea what’s …

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The Dairy Question


A lot of people ask me the dairy question. Sometimes they ask how it fits into the paleo diet (if at all) or, what my opinion is from a health coaches perspective. Unfortunately, I don’t have an easy answer. What I can tell you is my personal story and a few facts about dairy that …

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Because Sundays Are For Pancakes


Full disclaimer: I have not mastered an original grain-free pancake recipe. I’ve tried many other peoples recipes, fussed around with my own variations but haven’t quite landed anywhere. I’m sure sometime down the line I will develop something on my own, but for now I am having enough fun trying other people’s recipes. At the …

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