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[TOP 10] Best Long Slot Toaster in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Wondering which is the best long slot toaster? Not all long toasters are the same so go through my list to pick the best one according to your needs.

[TOP 10] Best Long Slot Toaster in 2022 – Buyer's Guide

Not all toasters can toast long loaves of bread, bagels, and waffles. The best long slot toaster would heat your long bread evenly within seconds. You can use these long slot toasters for reheating or defrosting your favorite hamburgers, bagels, waffles, and English muffins.

Different models are available in the market, but you need to choose the one that gives you amazing functions like easy cleaning, top-notch quality, material, cool walls, safe to use, adjustable thermostat, canceling function, and so on. 

To help you choose the best toasters for your kitchen, we have reviewed the best toaster for long bread. Check out!

Best Long Slot Toasters Reviewed

#1. Dash Clear View Toaster Stainless Steel – Best Overall

Dash Clear View Toaster Stainless Steel

Dash Clear View has a stainless-steel material with extra-wide slots. Designed with 6 custom colors so you can choose the color scheme according to the kitchen.  It allows your appliance to blend well with your overall kitchen. 

This toaster has a number of features that are designed for your convenience. It comes equipped with defrost reheat auto-shutoff buttons so it’s easy for everyone in your family to use! 

You’ll be able to toast anything: bagels or waffles – no matter what shape they’re into because this appliance has seven browning levels that will make them crispy on top before putting in onto plates ready eaters

Using this toaster is quick and easy as it comes with a clear and removable glass panel that allows seeing inside without having any difficulty when adjusting while cooking and after baking you can take it out and easily wipe down the dirt. Moreover, the crumb tray on the bottom allows you to clean up and wipe off the surface easily. 

Diversify the breakfast items by toasting different pieces of bread, bagels, and waffles with a button snap. And in case, if you forgot to check the toast, the auto shut-off feature would prevent it from overheating.  

There is a note when baking that you should choose level 3-5 and turn to the other side to bake more evenly and the bread can be crispy on both sides. Be careful, do not choose too high because the strong heat is difficult to control and the cake is easy to burn.

Enjoy keeping the beautiful toaster in your kitchen in simple steps: insert the bread and press down its lever.


  • Effortless to store. 
  • No overheating. 
  • You can easily clean the toaster. 
  • It is highly versatile. 


  • Push buttons need strong force.
  • The bread sometimes jumps out because the automatic lifting lever pops up suddenly.


This toaster is incredible for all those busy bees who love cooking multiple dishes at once. The glass window feature allows you to keep a constant eye on your browning levels.

#2. Elite Gourmet Ect 4829b# – Best For Bagels Waffles

Elite Gourmet ECT4829B#

You’ll love this best 4-slice long slot toaster because it is a long slot toaster that goes with an extra-wide and long slot up to (1.5″ x 10″) and features six browning settings. 

This toaster oven is a great way for busy people who love toast, waffles, and burgers to prepare meals on the go. It has defrosted and reheated functions, so you can always enjoy your favorite bread, waffles, bagels, and burgers at once, and there’s no need to wait too long.

Enjoy toasting all your favorite bread with six different settings, creating medium, light, and crispy bread within minutes. It is a space-saving toaster that allows all your bread to toast at once, and you can easily place it over the countertop because it’s pretty simple and looks nice. 

The kitchen-friendly features of the toaster give you extra control over the bread. Clean up your mess easily by using the toaster’s crumb tray that collects all bread crumbs and wipes them down easily.

The best thing about this Elite toaster that not every toaster has is that the outer shell is designed to be insulated, so it’s safe to touch while it’s hot without getting burned.

Last but not least, it also comes with a self-centering automatic guide which easily distributes the heat all over the toast, giving it a perfect crisp. 

Enjoy safe use of the toaster while toasting bread. I love this machine overall because it is easy to use, easy to clean, and comes with top-notch quality materials.


  • Toasts evenly.
  • Highly versatile.
  • It can easily accommodate big bread.


  • Can’t see the baking level of the bread inside. 


It is a great option for all those people who have big families. This toaster easily accommodates huge bread, waffles, and bagels, making it a stunning choice. 

The safe use feature with a self-centering automatic guide in this long slot toaster makes it a mesmerizing choice.

#3. Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster: Best For All Kind Of Bread

Hamilton Beach Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

Hamilton is a brand that is known for producing thoughtfully designed kitchen products. The manufacturing team does in-depth research on consumer demands with scientific testing, delivering the ultimate solution for everyday kitchen use. 

Enjoy effortless cooking with a Hamilton toaster. It is the best 2-slot toaster with extra-wide slots, offering enough space for users to place their favorite bread. It also features an auto shut off and a cancel button, allowing you to control the toaster easily. 

In addition, you can toast two slices simultaneously. Enjoy making all kinds of bread, whether you make avocado toast and bagels or snack on a club sandwich for lunch. 

When I used it, I could easily toast and retrieve all the small breads like gluten-free or English muffin bread slices for breakfast. With the cancel button, you can also stop your toast. 

You can easily set the crisp level of the bread using seven different settings. Moreover, it also features an automatic shut-off button which you can utilize at the end of your toasting cycle.

Lastly, it also comes with a built-in storage cord that wraps beneath the toaster, minimizing the mess. Keep a clean countertop while using this toaster.


  • Toast your favorite bread as per your crisp requirements. 
  • Retrieve all the bread crumbs from the tray. 
  • Cancel the toasting cycle at any time by using the cancel button.
  • Easy to store. 


  • Some people find the toasts not browning on both sides.


Overall, it is a convenient and easy-to-store toaster that works well on your kitchen countertops. The rounded edges with a classic metal finish blend well with all the kitchen decor. 

#4. Amazon Basics Two-Slot Toaster: – Best For English Muffins

Amazon Basics Two-Slot Toaster

The Amazon Basics is the best wide and long slot toaster because it has different settings with two slots that allow you to toast your favorite bread. This two-slot toaster will enjoy your famous burgers, bread, and English muffins. 

Enjoy your favorite toasted brown bread with the toasting cycle featured in this toaster for perfect results and even heat distribution. Indulge in six brown settings, allowing you to choose your favorite toasting level. 

Three different buttons are featured in this beautiful toaster, including cancel, bagel, and defrost, as per your needs. It is a multifunctional control feature in different patterns. Moreover, it features a tray that collects all the crumbs, leading to easy cleaning. 


  • Effortless to clean.
  • Highly durable.
  • Lightweight.


  • The quality of the toaster is not that great. 


It is one of the best toasters for people who like the basic use of the toaster. It is simple to use, stunning, and comes with easy features.

#5. Proctor Silex 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster – Best For Thicker Bread

Proctor Silex 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster

Proctor Silex specializes in the production of high-quality appliances that are both functional and stylish. Proctor Silex 4-Slice Extra-Wide Slot stands out as one such model, with its ability to toast thick bread-like English muffins, Texas toast, or bagels without sacrificing any quality on your favorite bakery goods!

For families with a large number of members who love to eat thicker breads like Bagels and Texas toast for breakfast, this is the toaster I recommend you to own. You can choose between seven different settings of browning for the toaster and enjoy your bread burnt crisp and brown anytime. It also comes with the cancel and auto shut-off buttons that you would love to control while toasting your favorite bread.

This black-colored toaster is extra light and comes with a sliding tray that collects all the crumbs. Moreover, it easily retrieves all small bread, including English muffins, your favorite small bread, etc. 

The space-saving design makes it a great choice for compact kitchens. This toaster’s easily customizable settings will enable you to choose between seven different brown settings. 

We need to cancel the browning cycle and enjoy our favorite color with the cancel button. Furthermore, it features a wrapped storage cord making it easy for users to store your toaster conveniently.

Enjoy the toast the way you desire with this stunning, proven, and highly reliable Proctor Silex toaster.  


  • Easily toast thick bread.
  • Toast many pieces of bread at the same time.
  • Different settings to get the desired toast crisp.


  • The toaster is quite heavy.


This four-slot toaster is a great choice for people who want spacious slots for toasting the loaves of bread.

#6. Elite Gourmet Ect-3100: – Best For Texas Toast

Elite Gourmet Ect-3100

The long slot toaster by Maxi Matic is the best toaster for long bread. The body is designed in stainless steel and outstanding silver color, it has a horizontal shape like a rectangular box that will save space and highlight the luxurious style of your kitchen.

The best thing about this product is that it has a built-in warming crack, which will save your time and trouble by allowing you to quickly and easily heat up croissants, donuts, or bagels, all your favorite pastries without having to worry about burning!

The key feature of this toaster includes six adjustable toasting levels. This feature allows you to toast the bread according to what you need. It can do everything from a light warm toast to a brown crunch toast delight. 

The reheat button is present, which is really convenient for busy people. You can simply reheat or warm your previously toasted bread without burning it. 

The defrost option lets you take the bread from the freezer and warm it to your desired color and crunchiness. If you have selected the wrong toasting option, press the cancel button, and the toaster will automatically release the bread. 

You also don’t need to set the bread properly in the toaster. It has a self-centering guide, which holds on to the bread and evenly toasts the bread from both sides. Just make sure you press the lever, and your work is done. The Drop-down crumb tray is quick and easy to remove breadcrumbs from the toaster.


  • The stainless body stays cool from the outside.
  • You can toast four pieces of bread at a single time.
  • The built-in warming rack is a bonus.


  • It’s fairly bulky.


The long slot toaster by Maxi Matic is a perfect choice for you. The sleek, stainless body with real metal looks amazing on your countertop. The pop-up warming rack is highlighted for this version, great and quick for toasting evenly on both sides of the burrito or reheating sandwiches With Mayo. 

However, the minus for this product is the control buttons board is on the long horizontal side, so it needs strong force to push the buttons and they are hard to see.

#7. Hamilton Beach Extra-Wide Slot Toaster – Best For Durability

Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster

The Hamilton Beach toaster comes with extra-wide slots to fill and toast your favorite bread slices. It can warm or toast up to four slices at a time. Moreover, an option to warm the bread-like Bagels from only one side helps the toasting process save more energy if you don’t use the other side. 

The defrost button helps thaw or defrost the slices and toast them to the perfect brown crisp. We love to toast artisan and rye bread slices in this toaster because they often have longer slices and fit well in the long slots. After baking at level 3 or 4, the bread is crispy and browns evenly on both sides.

The amazing mode that keeps your bread slices warm for three minutes without burning them is a key part of this toaster oven. The toast lift feature is a great way to avoid burnt fingers when removing your toasted bread from the oven. This is my favorite feature because it is safe for my kids to use.

The under-base cord wrap is also a nice feature. The design allows room for the cord to run beneath the toaster, so it will appear at the back. Just neatly hide the cord in the toaster when not in use.

The attractive body is stainless steel and looks good in your kitchen. Moreover, no matter how hot your toaster is from the inside, the exterior will always be cool. The cool wall feature prevents you from burning your hands.


  • It can toast four bread slices of any size without cramming them.
  • The one-sided toast option is present.
  • The toast boost option easily removes the slices of bread.


  • The continuous beeping sound can be annoying for some people.


If you want a smart toaster with high quality and durability, the Hamilton Beach toaster is recommended for you. It keeps your bread extra toasty and warm for an additional three minutes. 

It easily defrosts your bread and bagels and toasts them to a perfect shade. With so many added features, the Hamilton long shot toaster is the right choice to make.

#8. Oster – Best For Bagels To Artisanal Bread

Oster 2 Slice, Bread, Bagel Toaster, Metallic Grey

Get the perfectly even brown toasted bread with the perfect accommodating Oster toaster. The stainless-steel body is metallic grey, making it a perfect addition to your kitchen.

The extra-wide long slots can toast a variety of bread in different sizes. The dual auto-adjusting feature helps evenly toast both sides of the bread according to its thickness. You can easily toast different varieties of bread, ranging from bagels to artisanal slices of bread.

The easy-to-use control panel consists of a toast shade and a cancel button. The seven shade settings help you select the level of toastiness and the color of your bread. A built-in lever helps easy retrieval of the bread slices without burning your hands.

This smudge-proof toaster is easy to use and clean because it comes with a removable tray. Just take out the tray, clean the crumbs, and fit it back in.


  • The grey metallic body is sleek and stylish.
  • The customizable toasting conveniently toasts bread according to its width.
  • The integrated high-rise lever lifts the toast out easily.


  • The power cord is short.


The good quality of material with amazing features makes Oster toaster a perfect choice for you. It comes with two extra-wide long slots. The seven shade helps you toast your bread to your desired brown crisp. It has all the qualities of a good toaster, and you end up with perfectly toasted bread with the right crisp.

#9. CUSIMAX Toaster – Best For Wealthy Budget


The lightweight Cusimax toaster is more than just a toaster. It is the best oven for baking because it makes the toasting process smarter by defrosting and reheating your bread slices without burning them. The dark black toaster with an elegant body makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen. 

It comes with 2 see-through glass panels, which will enable you to keep checking the level of brown bread you want. The tempered glass layer withstands high temperatures, creating a solid and luxurious design for the body. Moreover, the 2 glasses slide out and can be cleaned easily, which prevents bread crumbs from dropping into the difficult part that is hard to clean.

If in the past you were unhappy with some toasters that didn’t cook evenly for you, this is a perfect alternative. Possessing outstanding heating technology, the four quartz tubes at the front and back of this toaster heat evenly, while an extra-long baking surface ensures even toastiness. 

The plus point that makes the difference for CUSIMAX’s high-quality toaster is the stainless-steel housing and no plastic parts, ensuring no plastic smell when used and safe for health.

The long slot allows fitting in the bread of any size, especially toasting sandwiches, baguettes, English muffins, and waffles. The browning dial helps you select the amount of toastiness you want in your bread.


  • The see-through window helps keep a check on your slices.
  • Automatic Uniform Speed Descent and Ascent


  • Expensive side.
  • Toaster surface causes heat conduction


If you are looking for a toaster that is exceptional and tends to your everyday toast needs, then CUSIMAX Toaster is the perfect solution.

This amazing long slot toaster by CUSIMAX does it all. With all combinations of health, safety, quality, and quantity of bread toast. So, you can make a richer breakfast for your family. 

If you don’t have any problems with your budget, I highly recommend this toaster to you because all of the highlighted features impressed me.

#10. Cuisinart Cpt-180p1 – Best For Large Family

Cuisinart CPT-180P1 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster

A competent yet straightforward toaster by Cuisinart with extraordinary performance. The metal classic four-slice toaster lets you have the crunchy, golden toast bread to start your mornings with.

It has two dials that can be set to 6 different settings to give the right shade of toast. However, for a very light and slight toast color, the settings 1-2 work best. 

For a little more golden and crispiness, the 3-4 settings are perfect. If brown and hard toast is your style, you will love to set on 5-6. I prefer some good golden crisp on my toast with maximum crunch and fullness. What’s your choice?

The four extra-wide slots are for bagels, pastries, frozen pancakes, French bread, and the classic bread toast. 

They are 1.5 inches wide and adjust a wide variety of bread and items. The four slots allow efficient time management and more toasting simultaneously.

Luckily the various functions and the level dial make toasting more exciting and fun. The additional features include Bagel, Defrost, Reheat, and Cancel. 

The Bagel setting lets your Bagels toast fine with pre-decided temperature and time. On the other hand, the reheat does not burn the toast. 

The defrost function is calibrated to defrost your item and then heat it accordingly. You can adjust the Settings Dial, and the defrost option to get what you want. 

For example, setting 1-2 with the Defrost function works best for thin cold slices of bread. They are even ideal to use for frozen pancakes. The items are not thick enough, so they quickly defrost and toast.

Secondly, the 3-4 setting with the same option is suitable for cold Bagels and pastries. You can also throw in some frozen waffles and thin French toast. 

And the last 5-6 options, along with Defrost, let you have warm and toasty French toast or hand-cut bread pieces.  

Another key feature worth mentioning is the Hi-Lift Lever that can slide higher. When the toasts are made, I have to pull up the lever a bit more, and the toasts elevate for easy grip. No need to work with tongs or burn your fingers on the toaster. 


  • Brushed Stainless Steel Body
  • BPA free
  • Compact Design
  • Easy cleaning with removable crumb tray


  • The Settings Dial is a bit sloppy without much resistance.


This appliance is perfect for families who start their day early and together. Making multiple toasts for all the members is quite easy and fast. Moreover, I would also recommend this to a house with kids who prefer variety in everyday meals. 

How To Choose the Right Long Slot Toaster for Your Kitchen? 

Everything on the aisle looks nice and attractive, but you cannot buy anything and everything. The smart way is to consider the various features that would work best for you. So, when buying a long slot toaster, here’s what you need to look out for:

Number of Slots 

The number of slots that are right for your family might be easy to decide depending on how many people live in it. If you have a small household, the fewer slots will do just fine, and they’re also more affordable than the bigger ones! But if your family has a favorite of eating toast every morning, why not choose a larger one so that the whole family can comfortably enjoy toast together?

Slot Size

The width of the slots and their length matters when thinking beyond just toasting bread. Thin slices, thick slices, pancakes, waffles, and pastries, if all are items on your menu at home, the size will matter. Though there isn’t a standard size for long slots, you can do your research. 

A regular slice of bread measures around 4.5″ X 4.5″. Hence for 2 decent slices of bread, a 10-inch length is ideal. The width varies but goes for a 1.25″ wide slot if you want to toast more. 

Cleaning level 

Toasters are now very particular about making sure they are easy to clean. The usual feature is a crumb tray which collects all the crumbs and bits of bread at the bottom. 

The trays can easily slide out, be clean, and be placed back. A very convenient way of keeping the old crumbs out and the toaster clean.

Additional Features

Any added features can make things livelier. Different settings for different food items are a plus. 

Just like the ‘Bagel’ function in our Cuisinart CPT-180P1 toaster lets the bagels be done perfectly. The Defrosting option and the smart reheating ability are splendid features in a toaster. The LED lights and a ‘Ding” sound to inform you that it’s done will be impressive. 

Design & Material

Robustly built and the corrosion-free surface is necessary for any kitchen appliance. You keep handling and touching them with wet hands; though you shouldn’t, it is necessary to consider. 

And you cannot overlook the design. As it will be a part of your kitchen’s decor, a very chic and modern toaster will speak on its own. 

Power consumption

The higher wattage means quicker heating, so there’s no need for pesky waiting around! If you prefer to have toast bread for your breakfast within minutes, here are some suggestions that offer over 1000W: Cuisinart CPT-180P1, Elite Gourmet Ect-3100, or CUSIMAX Toaster, you’ll be able to enjoy toast that’s perfectly golden brown and crisp.

But if time does not matter to you and you love slow toasting and chilling, why don’t you try Oster 2 Slice?


What is the benefit of a 4-slice toaster? 

There are two distinguished benefits of using a 4-slice toaster. Firstly, they save time – compared to a 2 small slot toaster, a long slot toaster will give you 4 slices simultaneously. 

Secondly, they can be used even if you need less. But the effort and the energy consumption will be doubled if it’s the other way around.

best 4 slice long slot toaster

Are long toasters better? 

Long toasters are better as they have a heavier build. They are steady and long-lasting appliances, and they can do a lot in less time. Toasting more slices at once is energy and time-saving. So yes, long toasters are better.

Why Do You Need a Long Slot Toaster? 

I have a big family, and I need to prepare breakfast for many at once – one of the prime reasons for needing a long slot toaster. 

Another reason can be that various requirements can be fulfilled with a long slot toaster. They usually have wide slots, which makes toasting several other items possible. And with some advanced features, they become a great toaster to own. 

Moreover, they can accommodate from one slice to up to 4 standard bread slices, so they come in handy.

Long slot toaster with beautiful design

What do I love?

Elite gourmet wide slot toasters are what I recommend the most. I love this toaster because it is available in black color. Moreover, this long slot toaster comes with six different browning settings, allowing you to easily enjoy your favorite slices of bread. 

Another stunning feature of this spectacular toaster is that it blends well with kitchen appliances. The six different settings of the toaster allow you to do the bread beautifully, leading to a delightful breakfast. 

The elite gourmet toaster also features a self-centering automatic guide, which heats the bread evenly, giving it a perfect color. Overall, I love it because it is easy to clean and use, featuring top-notch high-quality material.


Buying the long slot toasters is a challenging task. These toasters come in a diverse range of options, like two or four slices. Moreover, these toasters are available in different materials, making it difficult for users to invest in the long slot toaster. 

I would ultimately advise you to look at the product reviews listed above to get your hands on the best long slot toaster